BASIC organizes and participates in events that bring together current and past carpentry students in the spirit of community service and trade excellence.  Our events give HonCC students and alumni the chance to foster a culture of giving through our trade.  Get reconnected to old classmates and make new friends!

Community Service

Carpenters are an extremely giving and generous group.  We have the skills to improve and build a better community, and few things are more rewarding than volunteering with friends to help others.

Reasons to volunteer

  • Reduces stress – Reports show that volunteering improves your mental health!
  • Improve and strengthen the community
  • Gain working experience or learn new skills
  • Build friendships
  • Serve as a good example

Current Community Service Projects

  • Honolulu Habitat for Humanity (on-going every Saturday, June 2016 to August 2016)
  • Oahu Urban Garden Center (June 2016 to July 2016)
  • Farrington High School Youth-at-risk Mentoring (Fall 2016)

Youth Outreach

The success and continuance of our trade lies in recruiting the brightest and hardest working youth.  BASIC members represent the Honolulu Community College Carpentry Technology Program at various Hawaii high school career fairs and helps host youth who visit the Honolulu Community College campus.

Social Events

BASIC lets alumni reconnect with old classmates and friends while fostering camaraderie amongst current students.  Find out where every has been working and share your achievements! Success in the construction industry is achieved through hard work and connections we build.  The BASIC “Breakfast Club” meets every second Sunday morning for breakfast and club updates.  This is also our official monthly club meeting, but really, we just like getting together for food and company :).