Carpentry Program HonoluluInterested in carpentry? Look no further! BASIC welcomes all those interested in carpentry–students, faculty, alumni, hobbyists, and professionals regardless of experience level.


BASIC was founded by Honolulu Community College students in the Carpentry Tech program and aims to bring together students from all majors who have an interest in carpentry.  Students from the entire University of Hawaii system, including all 10 campuses from Manoa, Hilo, West O‘ahu, Hawai‘i, Leeward, Maui, Kapi‘olani, Windward and Kaua‘i, are encouraged to join.  You don’t need to be a carpentry major; you just need to have a desire to build.


Almost every carpenter in Hawaii has taken a class at Honolulu Community College.  One of the best and unique aspects of the carpentry trade is the “brotherhood” that is established and being a Honolulu Community College alumni is one connection we share.  Today, this “brotherhood” includes women, but the camaraderie remains the same.  Help give back by supporting and mentoring future carpenters.


One of our fundamental goals is to expose Hawai‘i youth to the carpentry trade.  Youth members can see what carpentry is all about (no, it’s not just swinging hammers and carrying 2×4 boards) and learn how satisfying working with their hands to build things can be.  Carpentry is one of those rare occupations where many members actually love what they do.


Help be a part of shaping the future of the carpentry trade.  We are working to recruit the brightest and hardest working individuals to maintain the highest level of skill in the industry.  Supporting your future carpenters can only lead to success in the years to come.  Students also benefit greatly from connecting with professionals in the construction trade.  You may also find working with enthusiastic students can bring about personal satisfaction.