Our donors and supporters make what we do possible. Your support enables us to continue volunteering and serving our community.
Thank you!

Thank you to Gold and Silver Donors for generously contributing monetary donations to our club.

Gold Donors & Supporters

Honolulu Community College Fashion Society
James Niino
Guy and Barbara Shibayama

Silver Donors & Supporters

Henry Aurio, Carpenters Apprenticeship Instructor
Shayne Chung, Hawaii Carpenters Union
Thomas Nagai, Carpenter Apprenticeship Instructor
Val Tabios, Carpenters Apprenticeship Instructor

Thank you Koa Supporters for donating items, such as furniture, appliances and video games, that we can either use or sell for fundraising. It helps to support our mission of sustainability through reuse.

Koa Supporters

Florencio Agmata
Jacqueline Canos
Sharon & Allan Freitas
Mark Ganitano
John Lim
Kaioh Nakanishi
Kimo Nihoa
Tamilyn Ogawa
Nelson & Arlene Santos
Crystal Tadeo
Trent Torralva
Terrance & Ruth Watabayashi

(*We apologize if we inadvertently missed any donor’s name! Please email us at basic@learncarpentry.org if your name is missing!)