Learn carpentry in Hawaii

Education as a Foundation

Like any building structure, your career’s strength, stability and longevity lies in a sound foundation.  There are several ways to gain the skills and the knowledge to enter the carpentry trade.  We here at BASIC are partial to one particular path (isn’t that obvious!), but we know that one size does not fit all when it comes to becoming a carpenter.  Know that you have several options and choosing the best for you will set you on the right career path.

Honolulu Community College, Carpentry Technology Associate’s Degree

With courses designed to provide a well-rounded base of carpentry knowledge and hands-on practice, Honolulu Community College’s Carpentry Program is ideal for students who want a solid foundation for a successful career in carpentry.  Students enrolled in the HCC Carpentry Tech Program tend to have diverse backgrounds and a dedication to learning.  CARP faculty lead by Dean Crowell and George Boeman are not only qualified educators, but are seasoned professionals with years of trade experience.  HCC also has a relationship with the Hawaii Carpenters Union, Local 745 where graduating students can earn credit hours and seamlessly transition into the union’s apprenticeship program.

Other Paths

As one of the oldest professions, carpentry was historically a tradecraft passed down from one generation to the next through on-the-job mentoring and apprenticeships.  Today, the Hawaii State Department of Labor oversees official apprenticeship programs in the state: http://labor.hawaii.gov/wdd/home/job-seekers/apprenticeship/recruitnotices/ Hawaii Carpenters Union, Local 745 Apprenticeship Program


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